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TV Game Show to be taped in Nashville

About the Creators

Nelson & Dan

Dan McGowan and Nelson Tucker created the show concept and developed the script and treatment to bring it to market. They are co-owners of Crosslight Music Publishing LLC and Crosslight Productions LLC, which are located in Nashville and Los Angeles.

Nelson Tucker

Nelson is a Songwriter, Producer, and Screenwriter who originated the idea of "Name That Country Tune." It was originally based on the TV show from the 70's but quickly took a turn for the better as the scripts were developed. He was the host of "You Asked for It!" on television in the early '90s.

Dan McGowan

Dan is a published songwriter with a track record for crafting songs with strong, memorable hooks and marketability. His songs and compositions have been used for various projects including film, TV, audio, video, broadcast media, printed sheet music, and music licensing.  He frequently collaborates  with songwriters, lyricists and vocalists.